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Breathalyzer Man-Trap Turnstyle Complete System

Data Sheet


Tribune Anti-Tailgate Breathalyzer Turnstile Lifelock Sentienel Breathalyzer Visual Displays inside the Turnstile Enter, go through / Fail, back out

TRI-P - Powder Coated Gray, $ 6,546.00

TRI-G - Hot Dipped Galvanized, $ 6,898.00

Tri-S - # 304 Stainless Steel, $ 9,386.00

Our Tribune Sentinel Breathalyzer Turnstile is a fully
automated breath alcohol screening system for
employee, contractor and visitor access
Sentinel alcohol screening is
self-administered, non-invasive and
non-contact. No consumables or
operator attendance is required.
Internationally recognized color icons prompt users to blow
into the collection cone and the two second
test is triggered automatically.

If they pass the test, the Tribune Turnstile allows passage

If they fail the test, the Tribune Turnstile makes them back out

established May, 1989
GSA No. GS-07F-9239S

Tel: 303 670 1099